A teen is an athlete who is no older than 19 on the day of the finals. Competitors who are older than 19 on the day of the finals are not eligible to compete in the teen class.


A Junior athlete will be under 23. Athletes who are 23 years or older on the day of the competition are not eligible to compete in the junior class.


A First Timer is an athlete who has NEVER competed in any federation, any division or any class before.


A Novice is an athlete who has never placed in the top 3 of a competition in any previous season.
Your status as a novice lasts the duration of a season. Athletes who have won a regional, national title, or competed internationally as a teen, junior, masters or men’s physique competitor are not eligible to be considered a novice.


This class may be split based on the athlete’s height into either 2 or 3 classes at the discretion of the head judge. The height classes are as follows;

Two Height Classes
Three Height Classes

Only athletes from the bodybuilding division are eligible to compete in the Mister Perfect competition. Athletes will be selected from their classes and invited to take part in this competition prior to the overall award.


The Male Bodybuilding Division is judged over three posing rounds to evaluate the athlete’s physique and presentation. Bodybuilding judging takes into consideration the whole body from top to bottom, not just one body part. The Judges are looking for the “total package.” including conditioning, muscularity, symmetry, and presentation.

The three rounds judged are:

Encompasses the overall proportions, and symmetry from the top to bottom and front and side of the physique.


Overall muscle size, and conditioning is assessed in this round.

Free Posing

Stage presentation is considered in this round, as is the athletes ability to display their strengths and hide their weaknesses.


Competitions may take place as either a “Run Through” (Athletes appear on stage once and all rounds are judged) or “Prejudge and Evening Round” (Athletes appear on stage twice and are judged on two separate occasions; morning and evening). Athletes should follow the competition attire rules dependent on the show format.

Bodybuilding competition suit

Bodybuilding Posing Trunks (Posing trunks must be black.Posing trunks should cover ¾ of the glutes)


Athletes should listen to the commands of the head judge. The head judge will ask for call outs and poses specified in the division criteria. Athletes should familiarise themselves with their number as this is how the judges will identify you. Unsporting behaviour such as elbow butting, and pushing is frowned upon and may be cautioned by the head judge. Crass behaviour such as pulling your trunks aside to expose your glutes may also be cautioned. Failure to comply with the rules and guidance from the head judge may result in an athlete losing points from their scorecard.


All points in Round 1,2 and 3 (symmetry, muscularity and free posing rounds) contribute to the bodybuilding score. The Mister Perfect round is judged separately and should be considered a separate competition to the aforementioned bodybuilding rounds.

Round #1 – SYMMETRY

Symmetry encompasses overall balance and proportions of the physique from top to bottom. The overall aesthetic of the physique is considered here including the presentation of the athlete. Athletes will execute the 4 quarter turns. Excessive twisting/flexing/posing in this round may be addressed by the head judge.

Front Relaxed

1. Quarter to the right showing the left side of the body
2. Quarter to the right showing the rear
3. Quarter turn to the right showing the right side of the body
4. Quarter turn to face the front Front Relaxed


The athlete’s muscle mass and conditioning/definition will be judged in this round. Proportions and balance in the muscularity poses are considered. Conditioning encompases the appearance of low body fat levels across the physique.

Athletes will execute a series of eight mandatory poses. Competitors must perform all mandatory poses in a timely manner. Judges are looking at the complete package from all parts of the physique, not just one body part at a time. Athletes will perform only the poses requested by the Head Judge.


As follows in this order

1. Front Double Biceps Pose
2. Front Lat Spread Pose
3. Side Chest Pose
4. Side Triceps Pose (both hands behind the back)
5. Rear Double Biceps Pose (showing one calf)
6. Rear Lat Spread Pose (showing one calf)
7. Abs and Thigh Pose (both arms overhead, flexing down on the abdominals)
8. Muscular Pose called by the head judge (Hands On Hips, Crab, etc)


All competitors will perform a 60 second ONLY posing routine to a piece of music of their choice following their comparison rounds. If the athlete wants to increase the duration of posing routine, he must ask permission of the Head Judge. If permission is obtained, the participant must notify the person responsible for technical and musical accompaniment.Props and costumes are permitted but not required. The costume and props of the participant must be agreed in advance with the organizers of the competition.

Posing Routine Music specifications

Posing music must be submitted to the contest promoter please see website for information. This needs to be in MP3 format. The first minute will be played, but we advise you leave your file 10 seconds or so longer than this so that we can fade it out for you. Any athlete who has not submitted music by the deadline will pose to music of the promoter DJ’s choice. Posing music MUST NOT contain any profanity, sexually explicit, or violent lyrics or racially o ensive terminology. Such tracks will not be played.

All points in Round 1,2 and 3 (symmetry, muscularity and free posing rounds) contribute to the bodybuilding score. The Mister Perfect Round round is judged separately and should be considered a separate competition to the aforementioned bodybuilding rounds.

Mister Perfect Round

Athletes will be judged using a series of four classic poses of the athletes choice. Poses must be performed standing, and can not be the same as any of the 8 mandatory poses from the prior muscularity round:

1. Favourite classic pose from the front
2. Favorite classic pose showing the left side
3. Favourite classic pose from the rear
4. Favourite classic pose showing the right side
5. Favourite classic pose

The best athlete from each class will be selected to compete for the overall Mister Perfect competition. The judges will select the athlete based on aesthetics, presentation and who they believe represents Mister Perfect ideal.

Final Pose Down and Awards

To finish competitors may be asked to perform a free style pose-down as a group, where most muscular poses could be performed. Participants will then receive awards and a final invitation if applicable. In all instances the athletes will be directed and instructed by the MC and or Head Judges